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Spring of 2017, I signed up to be a mentee through a bible study that I was attending. I was given the opportunity to choose who I wanted to be mentored by. After learning about all the different mentors one stood out, Alice Warren. Alice is a retired teacher, owned a speech pathology business and a boutique owner. My first thought was, wow she is quite the entrepreneur! The next week we met for the first time.


She asked me what I wanted to get out of the mentorship program? I kind of fumbled over my words. I hadn’t thought about what I wanted to get out of the program. To be honest, I signed up with her because I thought it was cool that she owned a boutique and I always dreamed of owning one myself but not believing that it would ever happen. After throwing a couple goals off the top of my head, I mentioned that I would love to know how she got started with her boutique business. I also shared that owning a boutique was a dream of mine. She asked, “what’s stopping you?”


I told her I have little kids at home, a husband and a part-time job, I just don’t have the time right now. She shared with me how she started twenty years ago while working full time, two little kids and recently divorced. She went on to tell me she could teach me the business and I could do it with my busy schedule. I soon realized that I have had no excuse not to take advantage of this opportunity. 



I truly believe meeting Alice was a divine appointment. Even Though having a boutique was a dream of mine, it wasn’t something I thought I would be doing right now. But, God had other plans. The boutique is my 3rd baby. I absolutely love it!  I truly feel like this is what God has for me in this season. 


The Soljour Boutique is more then selling clothes. It's a ministry. It has strengthened my faith and it has allowed me to minister to women through the avenue of fashion.   

I’m excited about this journey that God has me on. I take every client that comes my way serious and I’m grateful for all the women that I’ve met and that are now apart of my story. 


Octavia Soljour

Soljour Boutique is a women’s clothing, accessories and personal styling company. We specialize in unique pieces that you will mostly likely not find at Target or your local mall. We carry a wide range of pieces that compliment different body types, ages and stages of life.

Real Fashion for Real women
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